Prof.  Rajinder Kumar Uppal, Ph.D, D.Lit


  Prof.  Rajinder Kumar Uppal, Ph.D, D.Lit
   Professor Emeritus
MTC Global Chair Professor: Banking and Finance
 BFCMT, Bathinda, Punjab

Dr. Rajinder Kumar Uppal, a prolific writer, a Man of Letters,  a distinguished Professor of Emeritus, an acclaimed academician, research stalwart, and the more ingenious guide has won accolades not only in the academic field but also in the genre of research. Presently, he is serving in the most exalted institution, Baba Farid College of Management and Technology (Punjab), as a Professor-cum-Principal.  He is also visiting Professor in Indus International University, Himachal Pradesh.  This doyen of economics hails from a very small town near Bhatinda District in Punjab. Belonging to a poor and modest joint-family, his entire childhood was full of struggles even for bare necessities, yet he rose to a very high and eminent position in his life because of his eternal passion for knowledge and learning. Dr. Uppal commenced his teaching career by joining D.A.V. College, Malout in 1987 as a part-time lecturer and rose to the present-day position of Professor-cum-Principal. Dr. Uppal is an accomplished academician, a distinguished author, a collaborative researcher, and an effective mentor to young scholars. He is also a frequent reviewer, discussant, and on session chair for several professional organizations. Truly, he is a visionary in the field of banking and finance, with exceptional theoretical and applied contributions in the subject. He  also published many national and International Patents based on his research.

Little did he know that this inclination towards a subject could ignite his passion in ways that would lead him to make global records. Completing the Maximum Number of Major Post-Doctoral Research Projects on Banking and Finance, he has registered his name in the India Book of Records, Asia Book of Records, International Book of Records, and World Book of Records.

 He completed his post graduation and Ph.D from Punjabi University, Patiala. He is considered as master of professional academic work. Dr. Uppal observed that information technology (IT) is playing a key role in the development and modernization of banks in India. The information technology was also attaining new peaks every year in our country and all these developments were in conformation with the liberalization and globalization wave.   As a matter of fact, his research fervor and academic zeal primarily focuses upon banking and finance.  He heralded a new era of globally competitive Indian banking system. He authored/edited seventy two books and amongst his prominent books Indian Banking in the Globalized World-2013, Information Technology in Banks- A New Gateway for Sucsess-2018, E-Age Banking – A Future Outlook-2018, Banking with Technology- A New Vision 2020, Managing Transformation in Indian Banks Through E-Delivery Channels-2021 have won an array of laurels. Many of his books are serving as text and reference books in many professional programmes being run by Indian colleges and universities.  Through his books, he envisaged the challenges and opportunities regarding the use of e-banking particularly in public sector banks. He was instrumental in suggesting the reforms in banking and financial sector through e-technology. His prodigious research talent gave him leverage to write as many as two fifty five research papers on banking and finance and since 2017 some of his research papers earned global recognition with Google scholar citation such as 779, h-index 15, and i10 index is 23.  He presented ninety five research papers in different national and international conferences. His claim as a researcher was never unfounded as eight of his research papers were lauded at different international conferences held at Hawaii, Indonesia, Finland, Costa-Rica, Australia, London and Pakistan respectively. His insatiable craving for research got stimulus under the aegis of UGC and HRD. As many as seven major post-doctorate research projects were funded by UGC, ICSSR and HRD, New Delhi. He reciprocated successfully and harnessed his research skill with incredible finesse and ease. His able guidance inspired even many young teachers to wade into the ocean of research and He has guided several Ph.Ds and over five dozen M.Phil candidates.  Although, it is not possible to circumscribe his comprehensive achievements into a finite space, yet the pile of his degrees and awards speaks volumes of his marvelous eruditeness.  His services were acknowledged at different forums from time to time. He was even awarded Honorary D.Litt by reputed Business University, Costa Rica in 2014.   International Peace University awarded honorary D.Litt 2019 and Nelson Mandela University, USA also awarded Doctor of Letters to Dr. Uppal. University of South America also awarded honorary D.Litt. International Journal; Pune conferred the Best Reviewer Award on him. His monumental work encouraged various national organizations to honor such an inclusive academic and research stalwart with Jewel of India Award, Best Educationist Award, Shatiya  Shiromani  Purskar, Pride of India Award and Excellent Research Award by Punjab Commerce and Management Association respectively. This colossal figure earned Life Time Achievement Award from Dashmesh Girls College, Badal for his exemplarily service to the cause of education. Deputy speaker, Punjab assembly, S. Ajab Singh Bhatti also awarded Life time Achievement award.  Malout administration honored Dr. Uppal during 71th R-Public Day celebration due to unparallel contribution in the field of higher education and quality research. Nelson Mandela University Awarded International Dr. Abudal Kalam Best Economist Innovative Award for the year 2019. He was also awarded Eminence Social Scientist Award by Deshmesh Girls College, Badal.  He was also honored during jagat guru shri Guru Nanak Dev Ji birthday (550) Celebration.  His name is also selected for Amity Excellence Award for the Best Academic Author in the area of Banking and conferred during INBUSH ERA 2020, Best Outstanding Researcher Award-2020, Outstanding Researcher-2021 Award , MTC Global Life time Achievement Award-2022, Best Researcher Award-2023 by INSO, Baba Saheb Dr. B.R. Ambedkar Excellence Award-2023 By International Council of Education, Training and Research, and Chanakya Award- 2023 by International Council of Education, Training and Research,

Dr Uppal’ contributions to the societal benefits of mankind are beyond speculations. His zeal to bring about change is an inspiration to every young student and researcher to work in a way that helps the world and brings us closer to the idea of global peace. He is an embodiment of passion, perseverance, excellence, critical thinking, and professionalism.  He also spoke in G-20 Summit held in New Delhi.

His work and publications is a true asset to the world of economics. His thorough research in the field and several years of experience has contributed vastly to the Indian Banking and Finance Sector. His research papers have compared the thesis and studies of different researchers across the globe over time. This has helped the Indian economy to understand and take considerable measures into improving the current conditions. Furthermore, Dr Uppal’s studies have brought out numerous new and fresh perspectives of looking at the system and transforming it for the better and the growth of the Indian economy. Additionally, his years of experience in teaching and his in-born zeal to educate have revamped his students’ lives.

He is presently working in advisory board of editors in national and international reputed research journals. While serving as chief-in- editor of reputed research journal he explored his worth in other areas as well. He wrote as many as fifty articles for leading Indian Newspapers on current social and economic issues. He was invited for expert talks on the relevant issues by various govt. and private TV Channels and All India Radio, Jalandher. He designed syllabi of UGC job oriented courses such as e-banking and e-commerce from Certificate level upto advance Diploma. He also mentors young teachers to yield quality research under faculty development programme. He has signed a MOU with Desh Bhagat University to organize seminars/conferences on burning issues. His academic and research works holds promise for his society as his plea of merger of banks eight  years back has been implemented by the  present Indian dispensation. He has also successfully defended his D.Litt thesis on the very burning topic, “Managing Transformation in Indian banks Through E-Delivery Channels- Challenges and Opportunities” in Utkal University, Bhubaneswar, Orissa, India in 2021. He desires to restructure and revolutionize Indian banking   Industry by linking it with e-technology thereby ushering a new era of competitive banking system nor only at home but also at abroad. For him, research is a never-ending process. The loss of human resources due to cancer has again caused a stir in his indefatigable research mind and he has embarked on a new project i.e An empirical Study of “Loss of Human Resources with the Extensive Penetration of Cancer in the Malwa Belt of Punjab and its Future Perspectives.” Infact, he is an asset for the society.

Dr. Uppal is also actively engaged in leadership tasks that correspond with the breadth of his academic vision and energy. He has independently organized National conferences and seminars on issues catering to the current financial milieu. Being an excellent orator, he also chairs, quite frequently, technical sessions in various seminars and conferences across the whole nation. Indeed, Dr. Uppal is an academician, author and scholar, who has been one of the most productive and influential contributors to the field of Banking and Finance that our country has seen in recent times.

In brief, the outstanding educational and research achievements of Dr. Uppal are simply too many to recount within the space of a short citation. Today, the echelon he has attained academically, intellectually, socially and spiritually is even beyond the dreams of majority of the achievers. This erudite scholar’s research work and academic excellence promoted various national and international organizations to honor such an inclusive academician.  He, truly, is the embodiment of mission and vision of critical thinking, professionalism, excellence and innovation.

Dr. Uppal through his research wishes to implement center- state govt. Policies to modernize the Indian Economy or see New India. Moreover, his research will benefit policymakers, planners, researchers, the Indian banking industry, and others interested in banking studies. He is also honorary Director, Centre for Development Economic Studies (CDES), TN, in the field of Banking and Finance.


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